What Our Members Say

"The KEE Club is another worthwhile members club to visit. The Club is like an elegant old house with a lounge, game room, library, dining room and salon. The night I went, I had a great time dancing in the club."
Gwyneth Paltrow
"What a cool club!"
Bill Clinton
"On my many travels, I am always looking forward to a stopover in Hong Kong and Shanghai and a relaxing sojourn at the KEE Club. It's like coming home and meeting old friends."
Kengo Kuma
"I still remember my first visit to the KEE Club in Hong Kong. It was a memorable New Year's Eve with good friends. I also had the chance to meet Christian, Maria and Mara that evening who have become good friends. Since then, the KEE Club is always a place that I stop by when I travel. Congratulations to the Rhombergs and much success for the future."
Hidetoshi Nakata
"Eating places come and go. Clubs come into fashion and go out of fashion. The places that last are those with heart and soul. KEE Club has an idea about how people want to gather, and the hart and soul comes from its creator and management, and also the people who use it. It is their energy that sustains the place."
Christine Loh
"KEE to me is kindred spirit, exquisite, elegant. KEE is an array of windows, with a broad world view. Here I meet many interesting people from around the world, from different cultures and professions, and yet they all share the same passion for life. KEE is my extended living room."
Sin Sin

What The Press Says

"10 of the world's most exclusive members clubs"
"The Liberatum VIP Gala Dinner, held at the Kee Club, was a glamorous, star-studded event that brought together some of the finest creative talents of both East and West."
"An exclusive, members-only establishment, Kee Club is one of the most prestigious clubs in Hong Kong and, for that matter, the world."
"Kee Club, for example, is old-world opulence for new media creatives. Think of it as a harbourside Soho House."
"Kee Club remains the spot for both meeting and mingling."
"Kee Club is an exclusive club where members indulge in finer things such as art, food, fashion, wine and each other. It's where the arty, influential and entrepreneurial mingle, make deals and get into mischief. "